Best Golf Clubs to Improve Your Game

Golf is both an elegant and technical game. Each player relies on their own technique and on the equipment. Since its beginning, golfing clubs and balls changed dramatically, mostly due to the players’ will to have a better game. After WWII the golf industry shifted from the traditional approach to a more professional one, using cutting edge technology.

Each player has their own preferences that are based on the technique. Each club offers different characteristics that come as an aid to the player. For women, for example, each set should have three woods, seven irons, two wedges and a putter. The Professional Golf Association allows each player to have a total of 14 clubs, so it’s advised to have an extra sand wedge or an extra specialty hybrid. Irons should be compatible to the player’s stamina and strength in order to achieve maximum performance.

Women should be extra cautious when picking the right clubs. In general, given their shorter height they should choose their clubs 2 inch shorter. Callaway and Ping have a great variety of shorter clubs from which women can choose. The weight of the club should also be a criterion. While men’s clubs are generally made of steel, the best choice for women are the graphite ones due to their lightness. These also give a better flex, giving a torque power without the need of harder swinging.

Given the reviews, the best golf clubs for women are the following: Adams Idea Ladies Package 12 Piece Set, Wilson Women’s Ultra 14 Piece, Callaway Women’s Strata Plus 14 Set, Callaway Women’s Solaire Gems 13-Piece Set. They have the best performance in test and reviews and have the best characteristics both for beginners and professionals.

Moving on to men’s clubs. What you have to remember is that your golf set should make the game easier, not harder. Picking a superstar set may not be the right choice for you. Always take into consideration your skill level and your technique. The best choice for a beginner that is not willing to spend a lot of money on an iron is TaylorMade M2. The best choice for the ones that want performance in distance is Callaway XR OS iron. Mizuno MP25 irons were rated the best when it comes to workability. For the ones that want to impress with their style and like to have that extra freedom of movement Cobra King Pro Irons are the best choice. Mizuno MP5 irons were specially designed for people that have a single digit handicap and want to achieve the best performance in their game. TaylorMade M1 irons were rated as the best overall and are suitable for those who want a little bit of everything.

Before you choose your golf club you have to think about your strength, stamina and play style. Companies offer a wide range of equipment suitable for every play style and pocket. If you do the right research and take your time, you will no doubt find the right clubs for you and your game.