Business Lessons, Taught by Golf

Golf is a wonderful sport, at least that is what we feel, those lucky enough to be able to practice it. It is a sport for everyone, far from popular beliefs that claim that golf is an elitist sport, as shown by a good part of the almost 300,000 golf licenses that are currently registered in Europe.

One of the main virtues of golf is that it allows socializing with the person you share a game with, or after finishing a course. This is especially interesting when doing business. In addition, golf is also useful in the business environment.

The Golf Course

Bad golf players complain when the ball doesn’t go to their desired place, placing the blame on external failures, the wind, the ball, the field, pretty much any other external element but the real culprit that the ball rests in an unwanted place: the player.

In the corporate world of companies, the same thing happens. It is the entrepreneur and the partners who steer the direction of the business. Neither the market, nor the regulation, nor the prices, and other lame excuses that anyone can think of are responsible for the good and bad results of a company.

Golf is Like a Family Thing

Many people start playing golf by inheriting the love from their parents, who in turn had inherited it from theirs. It is a sport in which the family tradition counts a lot, given that they can perfectly practice it, different generations playing with each other and enjoying the same activity.

However, it is a tradition that has always blossomed when it is done naturally, that is, it cannot be done by forcing a child to play golf just because his parents want to, otherwise he won’t like it or it will feel like a chore.

In a company, it works in the same way, in many cases, there is a family tradition that makes children continue with the business that their parents or previous generations have set up. In the same way as in golf, the fact that many fathers may want their sons to continue with their business, doesn’t mean it will actually happen.

Eyes on the Play

When you play golf, they say it’s good to visualize the blow you want to hit first. Visualize it in your mind before executing it, in order to have the best disposition to make it happen. It is an exercise that usually gives good results, without a doubt, but the important thing is the execution of the shot itself.

That previous phase of planning the coup is necessary but in its own measure. If you work well, good results will come. Although there are golfers who get lost along the way, in a sea of ​​information that doesn’t add up to any value.

In the business world, the same thing happens, sometimes people get carried away by data seas that we try to transform into information that, when it comes to the truth, doesn’t add any value. The important thing is the execution, to be clear about what is going to be done and to then proceed to do it.