How to Maintain Your Golf Gear

Golf is known as one of the most exquisite and interesting sports in the world. Its history dates back in the Middle Ages when an ancestral form of this game was widely played in Scotland. It has evolved tremendously over time and now it is one of the most popular games in the world. The golf champions are considered international superstars and there are many players that look up to them when it comes to techniques and gear. A good golf game takes a lot of skill and good equipment. Finding quality gear is very easy nowadays but not many people know how to take care of it. The lack of care can end up costing you a fortune and therefore it is better to focus on maintaining your gear in the best shape. We have listed some of the best methods to maintain your golf gear in order to help you enjoy your favorite game for a long time.

Always Clean Your Clubs

Never put your golf club away while still being wet or dirty. The golf clubs are perhaps the most important part of your gear and you don’t want to see them destroyed. Water and dirt can ruin your clubs in no time. Even if most of the golf clubs are made of decay-resistant alloys you still must be very careful with the storage. Dirt is full of minerals that can destroy the shine and the resistance of your clubs. Water can even deteriorate the grip and the overall performance. Buy a special club towel and make sure that you clean them whenever is necessary. Also invest in some club covering. This way you make sure that the clubs don’t bump into each other and that they will remain shiny and intact for a very long time.

Care for Your Gloves

Gloves are another important part of your gear. But they are also very sensitive. They are usually made of leather or combined materials. After you finish a long game you should take care that they are dried inside and outside. Don’t try to dry them using a heat source because this will melt the glue that is used to keep all the parts together. Put them somewhere dry and warm and wait for them to be completely dry before storing them. If you want to clean them it is advised to but special detergents or to take them to a dry cleaning. Washing them with normal detergent can modify the texture and damage your future games.

Clean Your Shoes

Golf shoes are vital for a fun and comfortable game. It is advised to wear the shoes around the house a few days before going on the field to get used to them. They are usually made from high-quality leather and combined materials. Take care that after every game you clean them and store them in a dry place. If they are very dirty it is good to take them to get cleaned. Don’t try to wash them at home because you may damage the material.