What Does Golf Handicap Actually Mean?

Golf Handicap is a term many of you already know, but for those who don’t know or have any questions about its real nature, keep reading this article. We’ll explain everything you need to know about the golf handicap will be explained.

What is Golf Handicap?

The best way to explain it is with an example, imagine that we are in an athletics race and Usain Bolt (the professional runner) is participating, there’s also someone who runs regularly but is not professional and an average Joe, a person who is just beginning to run in competitions.

Well, the handicap that would be done here is that the professional runner (Usain Bolt) would start his race from a longer distance (as if he had a starting line behind the other two runners), the semi-professional runner would be more ahead of Bolt and the novel runner would still be much nearer to the finishing line..

Translating into Golf, the handicap means that a golf player who is starting his competitive career, can, through the handicap, compete with other players of a better level. Many people don’t like this, but to many others, it’s a way in which you can learn from the pros.

I think that without the handicap, Golf would not be what it is today and would be infinitely less attractive, what’s the point of starting an interest when you’re 40-50 years old and knowing for sure you won’t be able to compete? But be careful of misunderstandings.

Can I Play Without a Golf Handicap?

Many people think that without a golf handicap they can’t play. There are many golf courses that you can play only by being federated and you can just give it a try, remember, you’ll be heading towards the likes of Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods, so be prepared and don’t let a defeat shake you off Golf.

Do I Need the Handicap?

For most Golf tournaments, it is mandatory. This leads to an explanation of the golf handicap in “Tournament Mode”, just a quick variation of the handicap, and how to get away from it if you really want to move on Golf, because, being honest, as you start playing more, the less you’ll feel you need a handicap.

When you are ready to get your handicap, in most cases they will give you 36. 36? Yes, 36 shots. That means that you have 36 shots over the par of the field, to meet your level of play. A golf course usually has a par of 72 strokes, which means that a beginner player with handicap 36, would have to perform 108 shots to play at his level.

And then someone came up with an idea, because, for a tournament, as golf was already very simple as it is… they decided to mess it up even more and introduced the “Slope Rating”. It is an assessment that depending on the difficulty of the field, gives you more shots or even less, that is, gives you more handicap or takes it from you.